Carleton Bowling Club
Reopening Plans

To all members.

Hi all, now we might have light at the end of the tunnel, I thought it might be time to update you as to reopening of the club.
It will not be economically viable to reopen in April with only members seated outside, due to the number of members we could let in or the staff I would need to bring back from furlough.
So, the date we are aiming for at the moment is Monday 17th May, with social distancing etc to be confirmed.
Then in June according to the current guidelines, I am hoping to be open fully with no extra measures needed.
I have had a lot of members that have renewed their memberships already, and now with us seeing a potential opening date, the committee have agreed a membership costing table until 31st December 2022, as below.

1. Any members that have paid already their membership it will be valid until 31/12/22
2. Any members paying their membership prior to 01/04/21 it will cost £20 until 31/12/22
3. Any member paying after 01/04/21 it will be £30 until 31/12/22
4. Any members just wanting to pay for the rest of 2021 it will be £15
5. Any bowlers who paid their membership for 2020, it will be valid for 2021.

There will be no AGM this year, so anyone wishing to bring anything up, please do so to me by email prior to 01/04/21.
Also the accounts for 2020 are now available, so any member wanting a copy please email me at

Thanking you, and stay safe,
Tim Wood